Accurate and reliable position information is key to a successful ROV operations.

The Pilot-tracking system keeps track of the rov, relative to the vessel or keeps track on a map overlay.

The ROV range, direction and depth appears on the RADAR style screen or geocentric chart style.

Be it underwater inspection, construction, search, the tracking system completes the job with confidence, efficiency, and speed.  Pilot is the ideal tracking system for small and mid-size Rov's and Divers.  


  • Video and Photo inspections

  • Diver assistance and observation

  • Inspection of nuclear facilities

  • Interior and exterior pipeline inspections 

  • Search, Salvage and recovery operations

  • Dam and tunnel inspections

  • Damage control assessment

  • High resolution video imaging for broadcasting

  • Sensor, sampling, and monitoring device platform


    • Deepwater dredging (max.3000 meters)

    • Debris removal

    • Drilling

    • Excavating

    • Video inspections

    • Diver assistance and observation

    • Hydraulic power platform for underwater tools

    • Salvage assistance

    • Archeology work

    • Environmental work

    • High pressure cleaning

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